Filter Sand Change Service

Swimming pool sand filters work by water filtering through the silica sand in the filter, this media is not like your smooth beach sand, it is coarse and has a grit feel to it so that when the water flows through the sand can trap the particles. After five to six years the sand starts to loose it grit which then causes the pool water not to filter properly therfore a sand change is required.

Avenue Road Pools service technicians are trained in the techniques on replacing the sand for any make and model.

Cartridge Filter Cleaning

Swimming pool cartridge filters work by the water filtering through an element made up of spun polyester fibers, the fibers are folded tightly together and packed into a cartridge. The water flows through and the debris is fitlers through the element, overtime the element can get clogged up due to olis, dirt and debris. 

Avenue Road Pools offers the service of cleaning and/or replacing the cartidges.

Diatomaceous Earth Filter

Swimming pool diatomceous wartg filter work by water filtering through a media that is a soft, crumbly sedimentary rock composed of chemically inert, fossilized (or skeletal) remains of billions of microscopic algae-like organisms, called diatoms. It filters the fine and large debris in the pool. After every backwash a small amount needs to be added in, after time it will be required to be flushed and refilled.

Avenue Road Pools service technicians are trained on replenishing and replacing the D.E. powder for any make or model.

Keep Your Pool Water Sparkling with a Filter Clean Service