Maytronics Liberty 400

Maytronics Liberty 400

Discover the Maytronics Dolphin Liberty 400 with its new cordless design for unmatched agility and inductive charging. The “Eco Mode” will keep your pool clean all week with short and efficient pool floor cleaning cycles, while the “Cycle Selector” will let you choose between floor-only or floor and walls cleaning, you can use the Click-Up or Pick-Up mode for easy removal from the pool. Always Connected via the MyDolphin Plus app for easy control and cleaning program set-up. Using powerful, intense scrubbing and superior filtration, you can get the same unmatched Dolphin performance – now cordless!



Sound activated pick-up for easy removal from pool


MyDolphin™ Plus Mobile app

Smart control of your Dolphin – Anytime, Anywhere

Inductive charging

Magnetic-Connect for super easy charging

Fine and Ultra-Fine Filtration

Interchangeable filter options to tackle every level of dirt, dust and debris

Eco Mode

Shorter cleaning cycles within a single charge to keep your pool clean all week

Powerful Active Scrubbing

Intense scrubbing for an unmatched clean